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RGC Vol 1. Shape Swap – The Endlessly Fun Runner Game

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We here at Rincon Games came across a young developer by the name of Bryce Hegedus, and we just have to say that we’re impressed with this young man. Having developed his first mobile app at 16, we’d say he’s a bit ahead of the curve. I have played his game, Shape Swap, myself and can honestly admit I’ve played it every day since I discovered it.

We wholeheartedly support Bryce’s work, and have pledged to do our best to help promote his games and support his future. His story is an inspiration to the next generation of developers, gamers, and community members. Please remember to take a look at the bottom of this article to find Bryce’s company website and a link to the game itself!

There are so many other stories out there that we’d love to be a part of. As such, this is the first iteration of a new weekly post type called the Rincon Games Community. I will be featuring a new community member’s work, articles, videos, streams, etc. 

Please contact and share your story!


16-year Old Creates Endless Runner Shape Game for iOS

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 28th 2016 — Omnichron Studios, previously known as Basement Studios, is run by a sixteen year old who has released his new free mobile game called Shape Swap. Shape Swap is an endless runner game where you must tap the screen to change the shape of the player to get through obstacles in order to achieve the highest score you can. It has a beautiful design with smooth and intuitive controls that do not skip a beat. The game also includes a sticker pack to use with iMessage.


Game Trailer:

The developer, a single sixteen year old AP and honors student by the name of Bryce Hegedus, has
been making games and programming since the age of eleven. This particular game was created solely
by Bryce, with the help of two small investors.

Through many weeks of designing and hard work they were able to create this stunning, and quite addicting, game for the iOS devices. Bryce’s main mission is to prove that it does not take an adult with a college degree and loads of money to create a game that everyone would love. The game can be downloaded in the Apple App Store for free by searching Shape Swap or through this link:


Contact information for Bryce is available here:

Contact: Bryce Hegedus

Org: Omnichron Studios

Phone: 724-467-9110





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