New Raiders Of The Broken Planet Video Gets You Up To Speed

New Raiders Of The Broken Planet Video Gets You Up To Speed

MercurySteam has been busy, with both the recent release of Metroid: Samus Returns and the launch of its self-published shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet. If you’re not as familiar with that last one, you’re in luck. The Madrid-based studio has released a new video designed to familiarize you with both the game’s story setup as well as some of its unconventional gameplay elements.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is a third-person shooter with a cover system, but that’s about where similarities to contemporaries like Gears of War end. Characters are fueled with a mysterious energy source, which can be ripped from opponents with brutal melee kills. Similarly, if you run out of ammo you have to requisition more by executing a melee kill.

Another interesting element is the game’s antagonist system. Players take on missions in four-man teams, with the chance that another player will secretly hop into the game as well. That player, known as the antagonist, joins the hordes of A.I. enemies with the intent of preventing the other players from completing their objectives.

The game is split into four campaigns, the first of which released Sept. 22. Each one is available for $9.99, and you can check out the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC game in a full-featured (and free) demo.

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