Reader Discussion – Have You Ever Had A Gaming-Related Dream?

Reader Discussion – Have You Ever Had A Gaming-Related Dream?

Last night, after I clocked out here, I started playing Shadow of War. And while I took a break for dinner, and to tweet some observations about the game (someone please explain why Talion and the spider have so much sexual tension, it is weirding me out), I pretty much played the game for hours before I ended up going to bed.

And then, of course, I had a dream about it. That happens whenever I binge on a game.

In the dream, I was leaping across rooftops and stabbing orcs left and right. I am not sure I said more than one word in the entire dream, but dream me still had more personality than Talion. And I got nowhere close to flirting with a spider.

I distinctly remember dreams in the past about nearly every game I have binged on. Rayman, Transistor, Mario, it happens pretty often whenever most of my day is taken up by some form of media. So, readers, I am turning that question to you. Tell us about your safe for work gaming-related dreams. Were you the hero or along for the ride? Were you even in it at all or just observing?

Let us know below in the comments!

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