Watch This Mario 64 Retrospective To See How Mario First Went 3D

Watch This Mario 64 Retrospective To See How Mario First Went 3D

With Super Mario Odyssey right around the corner, it is easy to forget that Mario’s first foray into 3D was over twenty years ago at this point. Jeremy Parish, formerly of both 1Up and USGamer, has started a video series examining the N64 and focusing on its launch title, Super Mario 64.

The video covers the decisions that Nintendo’s designers made when creating the game and gives context to understand why those decisions were considered revolutionary at the time. When Super Mario 64 was released, many famously called it the greatest game of all time, with creators like Valve’s Gabe Newell citing it as the most influential game he can think of.

I remember being ten years old and begging my mom to take me to Target because I had heard through the message boards that there was a demo, and she finally relented one night after work. She took my brother and I there are nearly ten at night, me clad in pajamas, as I desperately tried to wrap my mind around the N64 controller and why Mario wasn’t moving with the D-Pad.

Check out the videos below. Whether you remember the game like it was yesterday or started gaming well after, it is a nice watch right before the newest Mario to claim influence from the game comes out. You can also check our Replay of Super Mario 64 from six years ago.

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