Night In The Woods Announced For Mobile Platforms

Night In The Woods Announced For Mobile Platforms

Did you play Night in the Woods, this year’s seminal adventure game about growing up, dealing with your own past as well as the past of others, and coming to grips with adulthood? If you haven’t because you are too busy coming to grips with your own adulthood, Night in the Woods is coming to mobile platforms for your convenience!

Confirmed in a tweet today by the official Twitter account, Night in the Woods will be coming to unspecified mobile platforms (though they did specify no N-Gage) in the future, but iOS and Android are fairly safe bets.

No date was given, but the tweet did say 2018, so hopefully we will not have to wait too long. Check out our review of Night in the Woods here, which Elise gave a 8.75.

[Source: Night in the Woods Twitter]

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