A program featuring former HGC players and amateurs showcases the second NA Open Cup

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A program featuring former HGC players and amateurs showcases the second NA Open Cup

As Phase Two of Heroes esports begins, so does the re-start of the Open Division series. Week after week amateur teams from North America and Europe will face off against each other in a tournament cup format for standing points and the chance to advance to The Crucible to face the lowest professional teams and try to steal their spot. 

As the first North American cup began there were a few teams with fairly familiar names but lesser-knowns rose to the occassion.

In the first semi-final of Hold it Down v. Firm Handshake, Firm Handshake had a stronger siege push in game one, while Hold it Down reached their heroics earlier, giving them a stronger advantage coming into team fights at temples on Sky Temple. Handshake almost caught up to level 13 but at a huge team fight lacking those level 13’s, they fell short with staggered deaths along with losing a full temple. After another fight near the boss and up with Storm Talents, HiD walked to the core and took the first win with 18-1 kills in under 16 minutes.

Game two was just about the same as the first with Hold it Down leveling quicker to 13 controlling most of the shrines on Dragon Shire. Again they took the win under 16 minutes at level 20 with 15-2 in kills.

On the other side of the semi-finals, Players Unknown faced against Donkeys R Us. In game one on Infernal Shrines, Players Unknown took a triple warrior composition with Dehaka, D.Va and Anub’arak.

Bunny hop and self-destruct from D.Va worked wonders at practically the first shrine fight at level 13, which allowed PU to take yet another punisher.  Despite having only Gul’Dan as a damage dealer and with the split soak from Dehaka, PU were able to roll on to level 20 and take the win.

Game two was more equal on Battlefield of Eternity. While both teams trade pushed in either lane, PU had to work harder to catch up to level 13. After team fight near the Immortal spawn around level 15 and despite a few deaths, PU were able to get a full team wipe allowing them to push to level 20 and advance to the finals.

Hold it Down were already up by one game in the finals as they moved to game two on Infernal Shrines, Players Unknown chose triple warriors again this time with D.Va, Dehaka and Diablo with Malfurion to heal. With three warriors PU held team fights stronger around the punisher spawn and HiD couldn’t keep up on experience. Shooting up to level 20 and taking a final punisher PU evened up the score.

The final map on Cursed Hollow was equal leading into level 10 but as PU dominated a fight near the tribute spawn on Cursed Hollow allowing them four kills, a boss pickup and a curse, rolling them to level 13. Whether it was Players Unknowns composition, Hold it Down’s positioning, or what, PU took the win at only level 16, 11-4 kills under 11 minutes over the team packed with seasoned HGC players.

In the third place match, Donkeys R Us defeated Firm Handshake 2-1.

The meta in this first cup was heavily favored around Stitches, as the hero saw a huge amount of success recently at the Mid Season Brawl. We also surprisingly saw a lot of D.Va and Genji picks as these amateur teams are working to find how they best fit into the meta. As for map selection, just about all maps were focused at either Infernal Shrines, Battlefield of Eternity, or both.

Did you miss registration for this cup? You’re in luck! Registration for the second North American Open Division Cup is now already open!

Feel like you’re missing out in Europe? The second European Open Division Cup starts next week and registration is still open as well!

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