LGD Gaming claim the final spot for The International 7

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LGD Gaming claim the final spot for The International 7

After a magnificent comeback in the 2nd game of their series, LGD Gaming took down EHOME.Keen and secured their spot at The International 7.

EHOME.Keen were almost a problem for LGD Gaming in the lower bracket final of the China regional qualifiers for TI7, but that was not the case. Even with a massive gold and experience lead early on in the 2nd game of the series, EHOME were unable to capitalise and ended up losing 2-0 in the final China Qualifier. The clean sweep gave LGD the final qualifier spot for The International 7 and closed out the qualifications for the main event – as all eighteen teams are now locked in and ready to roll.

Looking at the Chinese teams heading to TI7, it is interesting to note that apart from Newbee – who received a direct invite, LGD and iG have two teams each representing their organisations. Invictus Gaming have their main squad, who received a direct invite alongside iG.Vitality who secured their spot via taking 1st place in the group stages of the qualifiers. While LGD have both LGD Gaming and LGD.Forever Young – who secured the upper bracket 1st place finish also beating EHOME.Keen – ensuring they would make an appearance in Seattle.

With the teams now in place, we have only just over a month to wait until The International 7 kicks off. And as the prize pool is still currently growing, it looks set to beat last year’s record. We’re as excited as ever for another iteration of this amazing tournament and look forward to every single team playing their heart out in a few weeks’ time. Until then, we have the Mars Dota 2 League to tide us over for a few days of action – and a sneak peek at the strengths of some of The International qualifiers.

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