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PGL Major Kraków Qualifier – Day Two Recap

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PGL Major Kraków Qualifier – Day Two Recap

Round two of the Swiss format has concluded, with four teams one victory away from qualification.

Four teams are a single victory away from qualifying for the PGL Major Kraków 2017 LAN finals, whilst twelve teams are still struggling to overcome their opponents in a bid to do the very same. Over the course of the day a total of eight matches were played, with four teams at 2-0, eight teams at 1-1 and the remaining four teams faced with a 0-2 win/loss ratio.

Below are the standings upon conclusion of day two:

 Europe PENTA Sports vs. United StatesTeam Liquid – 1-0

de_Mirage – 16:3 (12:3, 4:0)

A cracking performance from PENTA, as the European mix absolutely demolished their North American opponents. The team kicked off on the T side, where they landed the first pistol round to start things off. The two following rounds also fell in their favour, consequently allowing the team to develop momentum beyond comprehension. A grand total of seven rounds were strung together prior to Liquid landing a single digit, and even so, PENTA continued pummelling their opponents, with time pulling them away from the brawl at a 12:3 surplus. Disheartened, Team Liquid were unable to secure the second pistol round, along with the following three, conceding their second match-up of the tournament at a disappointing 3:16 score line.

RussiaVega Squadron vs. United States OpTic Gaming – 1-0

de_Train – 16:10 (6:9, 10:1)

The sharks of Vega Squadron kicked off on the CT side of the map, where they managed to secure the pistol, followed by three consecutive rounds at 4:0. OpTic Gaming managed to top this performance immediately after, securing six rounds of their own to break into the lead at 6:4. Over the course of their dominant string the North American representatives managed to secure three bomb plants, a factor that was highly beneficial to the team’s economic situation. Desperate for a few more rounds in the initial half, Vega Squadron managed to claw two in their favour, prior to the conclusion of the first half, looking at a 6:9 deficit. Amends were made, however, as the Sharks mounted a full fledged comeback on the T side of affairs, once again securing the pistol, however contrary to their initial half performance, the team blew this one out of the water, allowing all but a single round to fall in favour of OpTic. With a whopping 10:2 latter half, the team managed to secure a 1-1 win/loss ratio after a 16:10 victory.

ChinaTyLoo vs. AustraliaRenegades – 1-0

de_Cache – 16:14 (12:3, 4:1)

An incredibly close match-up between the two teams. The Chinese side kicked off on the aggression, landing four consecutive rounds off the bat, producing a solid 4:0 lead. Renegades managed to repel the Ts on rounds 5 and 6, reducing their deficit slightly at 2:4, however TyLoo were determined to produce a stellar T side, as the team went on to knock out a further five rounds, widening the score gap to a whopping 9:2. The Australians managed to sneak in a round, however that was all she wrote, with TyLoo closing out the initial half at 12:3. Renegades same a shimmer of hope after securing round 16, giving them a much needed head start into the latter half. On the back of the early success, the team went on to pursue the Chinese, closing their round deficit to just three at 9:12. TyLoo weren’t about to give up, however scoring two consecutive rounds, edging the team ever so close to victory at 14:9. Focused on the comeback, Renegades started clocking in round after round, all the way to a single round difference at 13:14. With only three rounds left in the half TyLoo managed to get the best of Renegades, securing the two needed to close out at a nail-biting 16:14.

Kazakhstan Tengri vs. GermanyBIG – 0-1

de_Cobblestone – 14:16 (6:9, 7:8)

The Kazakh underdogs commenced their match against BIG with a 4:0 CT side start, demonstrating a rather dominant performance. Despite the initial round loss the Germans got back into formation, securing three of their own, closing the gap to 3:4. Tengri had a couple of rounds in them, unfortunately this would be all they could output in the prior half, as a fired up BIG managed to pull some successful aggression out of their hat, securing a 9:6 lead on Tengri come half time. The performance persisted into the early portion of the second half, as BIG managed to accrue a following four rounds, extending their lead to a worrisome 13:6 for the Kazakhs. Unwilling to give up, Tengri started showing up, smashing round after round, conceding but two rounds out of ten, leading to a nail-biting 14:15 score in favour of BIG. Luckily for the German roster Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz managed to frag three members of Tengri, severely crippling their chances of a victory, a reality that came true at 16:14 for BIG.

Norway Team Dignitas vs. BrazilImmortals – 0-1

de_Cache – 13:16 (2:13, 11:3)

Kicking off on the CT side of the map, Immortals managed to pick up the pistol. With the power of Brazilian passion and incredible individual skill, the team started their endeavour by securing two additional rounds following the pistol, extending the lead to 3:0. Immortals didn’t stop there, as a further five rounds fell in their favour, producing a comfortable 8:0 lead. Round 9 saw Team Dignitas pick up their first digit, however this was immediately succeeded by five consecutive rounds from the Brazilians, with the European mix facing a colossal 1:13 deficit. For what it was worth Dignitas managed to scrape the 15th round of the first half, lessening their loss to 2:13. Having switched sides, Team Dignitas demonstrated some of their own capabilities to the Brazilians. In similar fashion to their opponents, the team stretched their consecutive round victory to a grand total of nine, outclassing Immortals. After this absolutely disheartening stint the Brazilians managed to sneak a round in, producing a 14:11 surplus. In conclusion the Brazilians indeed managed to pull it out, as the teams exchanged two rounds each, meaning Immortals closed out with a 16:13 score line.

Europe HellRaisers vs. CISFlipSid3 Tactics – 0-1

de_Overpass – 4:16 (3:12, 1:4)

HellRaisers started on the T side of Overpass, where they managed to secure the pistol round. A force buy from FlipSid3 Tactics, however, smashed any potential momentum development, as the Ukrainian roster manages to upset in round two, severing the economy of their rivals. On the back of the aforementioned situation, F3 went on to absolutely dominate, securing eleven rounds in a row to produce an 11:1 lead. The final three rounds saw HellRaisers demonstrate some life, as they managed to grab two, however the deficit was enormous at 3:12. In the latter half the CIS mix managed to grab the pistol, further shortening the life span of HellRaisers. Following up with the two complementary rounds, the team was just one round away from victory. On their first full buy, the European mix managed to secure another round via a time run out. Keeping it brief, FlipSid3 closed out in round 20 with a 16:4 score.

FranceG2 Esports vs. United StatesCloud9 – 1-0

de_Cache – 16:11 (10:5, 6:6)

A solid start from Cloud9, as the North American representatives picked up the pistol round on the CT side. Opting for a force buy, the Frenchmen of G2 manage to upset their better equipped opponents, secure round two, as well as demolishing the economy of Cloud9. In addition to the aforementioned a bomb plant was secured, expanding the economy for the Ts. A further five rounds were accrued by G2, four of which saw successful bomb plants. Cloud9 managed to pick up a few rounds in the follow-up of the prior half, however the team amounted to a total of five, leading to a 5:10 deficit. Having switched to the CT side, G2 managed to pick up the pistol, followed by two successive rounds, placing the team just three rounds away from victory at 13:5. On their first full buy Cloud9 managed to see through a bomb explosion, however G2 followed up with two rounds of their own, just a single round away from a 2-0 win/loss record. The Americans managed to land quite an impressive five rounds, but it all came down to round 27, where Cloud9 were unable to stop the Frenchmen as they secured the last round needed at 16:11.

Sweden GODSENT vs. Europe mousesports – 0-1

de_Train – 11:16 (6:9, 5:7)

The final best-of-one of the day saw a clash between the Swedes of GODSENT and the European mix of mousesports. A dominant start from mousesports on the T side, as they managed to secure the first round of the map, and despite being upset in round two by the Swedes, came back to dictate the pace by slamming seven consecutive rounds, leading to an 8:1 lead. Unsatisfied with the course of the match, GODSENT managed to win five of the remaining six rounds of the initial half, concluding at a 6:9 deficit. Another pistol round victory for mousesports, however on this occasion the European mix was able to see through the following rounds, running away with a total of five. All attempts were made by GODSENT, however the initial deficit proved to be their downfall, conceding the map 11:16 to mousesports.

Schedule for Swiss Round #3 (all times expressed in CEST):

09:00 – Norway Team Dignitas vs. Kazakhstan Tengri
10:30 – United States OpTic Gaming vs. AustraliaRenegades
12:00 – ChinaTyLoo vs. RussiaVega Squadron
13:30 – GermanyBIG vs. BrazilImmortals 
15:00 – United StatesCloud9 vs. Sweden GODSENT
16:30 – Europe PENTA Sports vs. Europe mousesports
18:00 – United StatesTeam Liquid vs. Europe HellRaisers
19:30 – FranceG2 Esports vs. CISFlipSid3 Tactics

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