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StarCraft Remastered release date announced –

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StarCraft Remastered release date announced –

Blizzard has announced that StarCraft Remastered will be available on PC and Mac on August 14, and will set you back £12.99 in the UK and $14.99 in the US. You can check out the live action trailer, below.

This remaster includes both the original base game, and the expansion, Brood War. The full list of new features include:

  • Full graphical upgrade of the original StarCraft and the StarCraft: Brood War expansion
  • Widescreen UHD support for up to 4K resolution
  • New matchmaking and leaderboards
  • Player profiles that track individual statistics
  • Cloud saving for campaign progress, hotkeys, and replays
  • Higher fidelity music and sound
  • Switch between Remastered and the original StarCraft with the click of a button

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